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Top 5 Tips for Online Shoe Shopping –

Are you thinking of buying your next pair of shoes on the internet? Tall Men Shoes has the best tips for getting the right pair of shoes online without risk.

The Top Five Tips for Buying Shoes Online
With ecommerce accounting for more and more business each year, it’s no surprise many people — especially among the younger generations — are going online to find their footwear. So if you’re thinking of going online to order your next pair of elevator dress shoes, athletic sneakers or boots, what should you do to make the experience a good one? We’ve compiled the five best tips for online shoe-shopping to help you confidently navigate the internet waters.

1.     Know Your Foot (Measurements)
It’s no secret that shoe sizes can vary greatly between manufacturers, and obviously, you don’t get to try on the shoe you’re looking at on a website. But knowing the dimensions of your feet goes a long way towards getting the right pair. Measure the exact length and width of each foot from the longest points and keep that information handy. Most online shoe stores have sizing charts that you can use to determine what size will fit. You should also be aware whether your foot arches are high, medium or low, as different shoes are designed for different arch types.

2.     Have An Idea of What Shoes You Want
Going into a shopping session knowing only that “I need some shoes” is an easy way to fall down the rabbit hole of options (and there are a lot of options). What style of shoe are you looking for? What are you going to be using them for? Are you more interest in comfort, function or looks? Answering these questions in advance will help you narrow down your search and reduces the chances of getting distracted by something that isn’t right for you.

3.     Make Sure the Store Has a Good Return/Exchange Policy
Even if you do all your research, you still will occasionally receive a pair of shoes that just doesn’t fit, feel or look right. And there’s always the chance of a defective shoe just like when you shop in-person. In those cases, a bad return policy (or none at all) will leave you with more than just sore feet. Ideally, they should give you at least a few weeks to return the shoes for a refund, exchange or store credit, as long as the shoes are in their original condition. And a store that goes “above and beyond” is even better.

4.     Research Shipping Options and “Total Cost”
A big reason for shopping online is to get a good deals. But sometimes deals aren’t always what they seem. Some stores have low up-front costs, but gouge you on shipping so you actually pay more than at a physical store. Others have free shipping, but your purchase can take up to two weeks to arrive — and most people shopping for shoes can’t wait that long. Look at both the cost of the shoe, the estimated shipping charges and the estimated shipping time so you know what you’re getting into.

5.     Shop With Reputable Stores
Trust is important at any store, but especially online, because the store is receiving the money before the buyer receives the product. So look hard at a store’s reputation. Customer reviews will tell you a lot about their experience, and an online store will often advertise if they have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, Shopper Approved and other organizations.

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How to Properly Care for Dress Shoes –

Keep your elevator dress shoes looking nice for as long as you own them with our tips for shining, conditioning and repairing formal leather footwear.

Caring for Dress Shoes
A good pair of shoes is essential to a good outfit. But as is the case with many things in life, quality often doesn’t come cheap. In most cases, you’re looking at a minimum of $100 for a good pair of men’s leather dress shoes; higher-end models can run $300 to $500. If you’re investing in fancy footwear, then you want it to look fancy as long as possible. Our expert tips will help you take care of your formal elevator shoes as long as you own them.

Waterproofing Your Shoes
Whether from rain, puddles or spills, water will eventually get on your dress shoes. Excessive water exposure can lead to dry, cracked leather and permanent stains. Therefore, you should apply a waterproofing spray or polish on a regular basis. This could mean anywhere from once a month to once a week depending on the climate where you live. You can tell your shoes need a new coat of repellent if water stops beading on the surface.

Wash & Brush Your Shoes
Just like with hair, a lot of long-term wear can be prevented by routine shoe maintenance. Everyone who owns dress shoes should also own a horsehair brush. Use this tool to gently brush off dirt and debris or to remove the dust if they’ve been in the closet for a few months. (The brush can also be used to apply polish and conditioner.) What to use for a more thorough cleaning depends on the shoe material. Use saddle soap on leather shoes; if you have suede dress shoes, mix two parts water with one part vinegar to spot-clean stains.

Condition & Polish Regularly
Even if you wash leather regularly, it can still end up stiff and dull from prolonged use. Keep some leather conditioner and shoe polish on hand to renew your shoes. Conditioner creams will restore softness and flexibility to the leather. A color-matched conditioner will also cover up small scratches and scuffs. Polishing your shoes regularly with either a neutral or color-matched cream also helps fix light damage while shining them up like a silver dollar. Try buffing the polish off with some panty hose if you really want them to shine!

Blast the Horn & Climb a Tree
No, we’re not talking about some new kid’s game. Shoe horns and shoe trees can prolong the life of leather footwear. Using a shoe horn to put your shoes on helps the heel keep its form and reduces wear. In between uses, put a shoe tree inside of your shoe; this holds its form, preventing creasing and shrinking. Wood shoe trees, particularly cedar, are best because they also absorb excess moisture and odor.

Look Out For Your Mortal Soles
Much of shoe care focuses on the uppers, but the house needs a good foundation to stand on. So take care of the soles as well. For shoes with leather soles, you can follow many of the care tips above. Rubber soles can be cleaned by soaking them in water and mild dish soap; use a toothbrush and toothpaste for tough stains. When your soles wear out — which typically happens much sooner than the upper — cobblers and shoe manufacturers can replace soles for anywhere from $30 to $80. This is usually cheaper than buying a new pair if the uppers are still in good shape.

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Introduction to Elevator Shoes for Men – Tall Men Shoes

What are elevator shoes, and why should you wear them? looks at the history of these shoes and how they improve your stature and confidence.

Introduction and History of Elevator Shoes for Men
Guys who follow the latest news in footwear know all about elevator shoes. These shoes are becoming increasingly popular among men who want the stature, confidence and opportunities that come from them. But if you haven’t heard of them, you’re probably wondering what the fuss is about. So lace up with our introduction to this modern way of standing out.

A Brief History of Lifting Shoes
Using footwear to make oneself taller is by no means a new phenomenon. The first notable instance goes back all the way back to medieval times. Star actors would often perform in raised shoes; this made them look more impressive on stage and also gave them more of a commanding presence.

There are several other prominent historical cases of being taller coinciding with contemporary style. In 16th-century Spain, many men sought out the new-fangled cowboy stylish boots that added an inch or two to their height, helping them to stand higher than their partner. In the 17th and 18th centuries, everyone from Persian horsemen to King Louis XIV of France wore heels to appear more intimidating and lord-like. And in the 1960s and 1970s, platform shoes were popular among men as part of disco and counter-culture style.
Elevator shoes are the latest evolution of lifting footwear. While the exact origin of the style is disputed, it has taken off in recent years as men seek to become more confident and gain an advantage. That’s not just opinion, more confident men get paid more, hold more executive positions and are more attractive to women.

So What Are Elevator Shoes?
Men’s elevator shoes are basically a modern form of the high-heeled shoe that was once so popular among the aristocracy, lifting the wearer up anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. For the lower end of this scale, manufacturers can often just use a larger heel depending on the shoe style. But on shoes with bigger lifts, much of the height increase is hidden inside the shoe by added thickened sections, or wedges, to the heel area.

This discreet style helps men get the lift they want while remaining fashionable. Elevator shoes allow men to look like they’re wearing regular, stylish shoes so others don’t know their secret. Wearing a longer pair of pants that cover the heel area complete the look by making their legs appear longer.

The best part about elevator shoes is that they can be adapted to many different styles. Dress shoes and boots are the most common elevator styles because they already have a high profile and external heels, which helps conceal the lifting components and gives you a more natural walk. High-top sneakers are good bets as well. Other shoe styles such as loafers, running shoes and sandals take a little more getting used to but offer the same benefits for casual occasions. You can also get lifting inserts to add to your current shoes if you only need a small boost. Any of these options will help you stand taller and make a great impression in all aspects of your life where you need to.

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Show your Personality With Stylish Shoes

You wear shoes almost every day for work, errands and going out with friends. Learn what they say about you with our guide to shoe styles and personality.

Show your Personality with Stylish Shoes
Some people just think of shoes as something that covers their feet and helps them stay comfortable during long days. But the shoes people wear actually say a lot about who they are. We’ve put together a guide to how shoe styles make a personality statement for the person wearing them. And it might even put words to why you fell in love with your current pair!

Dress Shoes
Men who wear dress shoes all the time are proud of what they’ve accomplished in life. They probably have a high-paying job and they definitely an appreciation for the finer things. These guys pay great attention to detail and know exactly what they want. Their buddies like them a lot, and they’re respected by everyone who knows them.

Running Shoes
Those who prefer running shoes are known to be goal-oriented, organized and confident. These are the folks who go the extra mile, whether it’s with their latest fitness challenge or with a big project at work. They are also known for multi-tasking and being involved in a lot of different things at once.

Work Boots
People who wear work boots are some of the most practical people you will ever meet. You can expect them to be analytical thinkers who are always planning at least two steps ahead. They are also grounded, well-balanced and independent people who aren’t going to get too excited or upset about any one thing.

If a guy walks up to you in a pair of sneakers, there’s a good chance you’re going to become fast friends. Sneaker wearers have a relatable personality and will probably get along with everybody at a party. They’re also likely an open-minded person, which matches the versatility of this footwear. Going with high-tops shows an additional air of sophistication as well.

Despite what the name might suggest, loafer lovers actually aren’t lazy. Rather, they’re the steady rock that you can count on in any situation. People who wear loafers are known to be responsible, detail-driven and above all, genuine. They are always themselves, and they give other people the freedom to be the same.

Shoes with Contrasting Soles
If the sole of a shoe is a vastly different color than the upper, it typically means the wearer is confident. They like to have fun, but they know how to be professional and appropriate when necessary. And they just might surprise you when you’re least expecting it.

Shoes with Visible Brand Names
Only the most expensive dress shoes and sneakers have the logos large enough to see at a glance. And that’s just the way the wearer wants it. Someone with shoes that are clearly brand-name has a high income and wants to show it off to everyone. They won’t settle for anything less than the best, whether it’s their shoes or restaurant choice.

Minimalist Shoes vs. Flashy Shoes

Shoe color matters, but maybe not in the way you expect. Don’t assume someone with a basic, single-tone shoe is boring. They probably just decided they have better things to do than waste half an hour every morning deciding how to look. Expect a no-nonsense, drama-free dude who’s actually pretty cool once you get to know them. On the flip side, bright and colorful shoes are a clear indicator of an outgoing personality. This person will talk your ear off if you let them. 

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What are the Different Types of Elevator Shoes?

There are lots of shoe styles out there, and elevator shoes are no exception. Find out what shoes you should get for different situations at

What are the Different Types of Elevator Shoes?
So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a pair of elevator shoes to help lift your confidence and style. But which ones should you get? While there are a lot of lift shoes out there — just like with regular shoes — they can be divided into several main styles. looks at the different elevator shoe types and why you might want them in your closet.

Formal Elevator Shoes
If you work at a company with a formal dress code or attend a lot of upscale functions and events, then you’ll need elevator dress shoes. They are designed to be worn with suits, tuxedos and other fancy dress. Whether you prefer oxfords or derbies, open or closed lacing, brogue or square toe, there’s a formal shoe that fits. Own at least one pair for boosting your presence when attending weddings, business meetings, fancy restaurants and black-tie events.

Height-Increasing Boots
Tall boots for men have traditionally been the most popular form of lift shoe. The generous amount of space in most boots is perfect for concealing the lifting layer. But it doesn’t hurt that they look good for an assortment of activities. You can find high-
heeled dress boots, work boots, hiking boots and urban outdoor boots. They’ll help you feel more confident and look more impressive in any season.

High-Heeled Casual Shoes
Men who want maximum comfort while still looking good will want casual elevator shoes in their wardrobe. These are the ideal shoes for backyard barbeques, movies with friends and heading to the local cafĂ©. Many of them are suitable for business casual attire as well. You’ll have more fun in a pair of these because your style will be one less thing to worry about. When shopping, you can get casual shoes with a dressier or more athletic edge.

Loafers with High Heels
Sometimes you need to feel taller even when you’re unwinding. Elevator loafers, otherwise known as lace-less shoes or slip-on shoes, are easy to get on and off when you have a quick errand to run or want to go to a relaxed party. It’ll be a lot easier to crack a smile when you’re feeling up to the task! Loafers can range from slip-on dress shoes and street shoes all the way down to cozy moccasins for evenings at home.

Elevator Sneakers
It’s easier to be the athletic type when you have the height for it. High-heeled sport sneakers are perfect for runners, basketball players, hikers, skateboarders and everyone else who loves physical activities. You can make a fashion statement while going for a jog, climbing a mountain and attending games with friends or your girlfriend. Get high-tops, mid-cuts or low cuts, and you’ll be in the game.

Lifting Sandals
Let the air flow through your toes during a summer day on the beach by wearing elevator sandals. Even on the most casual of days, you still want to impress, and some open-toed footwear will add a few inches without you getting weird looks while walking on the sand. The most common type of lift sandal is the fisherman sandal, because it’s the best design for discreetly increasing your height.

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Best Looking Elevator Shoes

Even when your shoes are filling a practical function, they need to look good. Check out some of the best-looking elevator shoes we’ve found to lift your style.

10 Best-Looking Elevator Shoes
We know most guys who come to want two things: to look taller and look better. After all, what good is a quality elevator shoe if it looks like it came from the bargain bin of style? While there are lift shoes and boots for pretty much any taste, some of them are going to look good no matter who puts them on. Here are some of the best looking tall shoes for men that will up your style game for every occasion.

·        TOTO D16022 Apron Oxfords – These 3-inch fashion shoes are for people who like to keep it simple with their dress footwear. Everything about them — including the full-grain black leather, plain toe, open laces — is an instant classic.

·        CALTO Y4103 Derbies – If you want to kick it up at an extra-formal affair, this 3-inch mid-top brown derby oxford is how to do it. The brown full-grain oxhide leather is complemented by a wing-tip brogue toe and accented double stitching.

·        CALTO Chelsea Boots – Boots are the best way to conceal the height increaser in footwear, and these slip-on 2.6-inch dress boots are as discreet as can be. The sleek leather construction and stretch sides are the perfect blending of formal and cool casual.

·        CALTO T5203 Tactical Boots – If you need something a little more formal, these lace-up cap-toe boots are the solution. They add 3.6 inches of height with a classic leather ankle style that gives your outfit some sophistication.

·        CALDEN K512666 Boots – Add some intrigue to your feet with these 3.1-inch full ankle boots. The black leather is accented by metal buckles, studs and eyelets, making them a real looker as part of a punk or goth style.

·        CALTO T1432 Shoes – These handsome 3.2-inch brown elevator shoes are ideal for a business casual look where you want to look nice, but not too nice. They have great accent stitching and a contrasting light tan sole that adds visual contrast so you stand out.

·        CALTO Y45023 Driving Moccasins – For when you really want to let loose! A pair of 3-inch camo grey mocs with a penny loafer style are great for relaxing around your house or a friend’s house. The camo really gives them some character to spice up a weekend. They feel nice and soft inside, too.

·        CALDEN K882896 High Tops – Be a baller in these 3.8-inch sneakers patterned after the classic basketball shoe. They’re great for a modern skater look as well. The blue/grey canvas top is completed by a white toe, outsole and laces that just feels sporty no matter how high your vertical is.

CALDEN MY0501 Hiking Shoes – These 3-inch sneakers beautifully walk the style line between athletic shoe and mid-top hiking boot. The grey upper is accented with white 
·        and red with toe cover detailing to give them some pop. And you’ll have great traction from the bottom sole.

·        TOTO G13072 Braided Sandals – We love these 3.2-inch fisherman sandals because they have the perfect blend of modern and vintage style. The burnished cordovan leather upper gives them the look of your favorite dress shoe — but one for strolling along the boardwalk and the beach!

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Lift Your Lifestyle with Trendy Shoes

Elevate your style and your confidence by choosing the right shoes! has all the details on how trendy elevator shoes can lift your lifestyle.

Lift Your Lifestyle with Trendy Shoes
Are you ready to give your life a boost? The right shoes can help you do just that. The rise of men’s elevator shoes has helped guys everywhere experience the benefits of more height. A few inches of height and a healthy dose of fashion have made them the go-to choice for men who want to look better, feel more confident and be happier. But which shoes are best for this? Let explain.

Walk Taller Every Day
First, a little backstory. For centuries, both men and women have tried different ways to make themselves look taller. Women can simply put on a pair of high heels, but these went out of style for men more than 200 years ago. So they’d tried everything else, such as Napoleon reportedly concealing decks of playing cards in his boot heels. At least he was playing with a full deck in one way.
Nowadays, height-elevating footwear is a little more sophisticated. Men can wear shoes that are just as trendy as regular footwear — and look almost exactly the same — but have a special wedge-and-platform combination built in that can add as many as 5 inches to the wearer’s height. And that’s just the beginning of how they improve your lifestyle game.

Elevator Shoes for Formal Occasions
So when is the right time to wear elevator shoes? Pretty much any time is. Looking stylish at work will have you on your way to better pay and opportunities. So get at least one good pair of dress shoes that you can wear Monday-Friday. Leather brogue lace-up oxfords and closed lace cap toe dressers have a professional look that will impress your bosses. And they will also impress at weddings and on dates as well. We’re also partial to nubuck elevator shoes which use rubbed cowhide leather that make it feel more like suede. They’re perfect for a posh suit or black-tie outfit!

Trendy Casual Shoes
Taking off the suit and tie doesn’t mean you have to ditch the great shoes. Casually increase your fashion sense so you’ll feel more confident even when running errands or hanging out with friends. Some of the casual elevator shoes we love are dress penny loafers for when you can’t completely let loose and low-top summer loafers for when you can. Walking sneakers and athletic shoes will help you stay active in styles for skaters and ballers that want to elevate their style in the concrete jungle.

Shoes for the Outdoors
Get outside and have fun, they say. Well, you can with some good shoes! Those with an outdoorsman soul should check out elevator boots. Good dress boots have the formality demanded at official functions in a down-home feel. And they’re great at hiding the hardware that lifts you up. Want to get down and dirty on trails and mountains? You’re going to want some hiking boots. No one ever heard of a short King of the Hill, did they?

Stay Stylish With the Right Shoes
Every man needs a few good pairs of shoes. The right footwear is sure to lift you higher in the office, on the dating scene, in the theater, on the town and anywhere else life takes you. We’ve showed you some of our favorite choices above for staying trendy as you gain in other areas.