Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How can a short man be successful than a tall one

Elevator shoes for men are actually a need of the hour these days. We know that there are many short men who find it pretty hard to compete with their taller counterparts, even taller women in that case. What these men lack is nothing, but height, other than that they can be funny, smart and intelligent. But as all of us know, first impression really counts. And that is exactly where taller men cash on, they can be stupid, no-humor sense kind ones, but still they manage to get the hike along with the girl wherever they go. Now, this doesn’t sound fair at all.

Shorter men starts wishing for a taller gene, which not even their bone specialists can’t find, they can’t even prescribe a tonic to make them grow like how we see in the movies. Now this is where comes to the stage. With a solution ranging from 400 different styles and over 40,000 pairs, all a shorter man has to do is to pick the right one which will suit him. Tada! It is as simple as that, and now you are all tall, handsome and a lady magnet. You can get the woman you want along with nailing the interview which you are attending. Your life has started to change already. For this to happen, you can either shop such elevator shoes for men from’s online store or go to Los Angeles and select one from their in-store.

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Elevator shoes for men are designed by highly skilled and professional in-house designers who don’t compromise on anything. Apart from the looks, you also get a straight posture. You are tall, now no one can call you short as the truth is concealed. Your shoes will do it all for you. Nowadays, the two places where people look first when they see a person are their face and feet.

So, with a shoe specially designed to get you tall at a reasonable rate you can prove the recent study from Wall Street Journal as wrong, which said only Tall men gets the pay and promotions. Now, even you can too. if taller men enjoys better sex life, then with the right elevator shoes for men, even shorter men will find it easy to hit the spot right.