Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Make High Heels Elevator Shoes More Comfortable


Use shoe inserts/pads from the drugstore for the balls of your feet. These reduce some of the pressure placed on your foot when walking or standing in high heels. Most are self-adhesive and can be easily place into the shoe.


Try heels from a comfort line such as Naturalizer, Easy Spirit or Aerosoles. These shoes are designed for both comfort and style and feature padded insoles.


Look for shoes that have a “hidden” platform built in that supports the front of the shoe. Lust-worthy Christian Louboutin shoes offer this style, but you can also find the style in lines by Steve Madden and Guess.


A shoe with a slightly thicker heel, as opposed to a stiletto, is more comfortable for all day wear or walking. Shop for heels that can offer this type of support.


While sky-high stilettos are to die for, a heel can be a little lower and still look sexy. Experiment with kitten heels for a feminine look that’s also comfortable and work appropriate. Wedges are also another way to wear heels, since they offer the height of a heel with maximum comfort.


Extra comfort padding insole will eliminate shock and increase the softness of the impact while walking


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