Thursday, March 25, 2010

Warranty Policy / Protection

1. "Three Guarantees" Warranty Period

3 months for CALDEN Leather Dress Shoes / Leather Casual Shoes, 6 months for TOTO

Warranty period starts on the date of purchase printed on the receipt.

2. Details of "Three Guarantees"

a. Guaranteed Refund

  • For any shoes that have quality problems such as separated sole, heel, vamp or feather line within one month;

  • For any products that fall into the category of guaranteed exchange but unable to exchange due to poor quality issues.

b. Guaranteed Exchange

  • For any glued dress shoes that appears to have separated (the falling or split of feather line or more than 2 cm in length and 0.5 cm in width), or appear to have tanning emerge of significant discoloration of the interior within one week;

  • For any unworn shoes that did not arrive as a pair; or if the shoe sizes are not the same for left and right side; or if staples appear on the inside of the shoes;

  • For any products that fall into the category of the guaranteed repair with poor quality problem, if one part of the product is repaired twice and the problem is not fixed within a month, we can exchange the shoes for a fee of 0.5% of the original sale price per day thereafter.? In some cases, products may be repaired and a one-time compensation fee may also be paid under the agreement of the consumer.

c. Guaranteed Repairs

  • Within the warranty period, we will be responsible for repairs if any of the following quality problems arise:

  • Separated bottom sole, heel, vamp, or feather line

  • The feather line separated or split for less than 2 cm in length and 0.5 cm in width

  • If any of the poor quality issues arise, a compensation fee of 10 to 15% of the original sale price will also be paid.

3. The Practice of "Three Guarantees"

  • Any products that are poor quality, sample, or has been
    damaged as a result of neglect by the consumer (For example: wearing in
    rainy days, washing with water, damaged by hard materials, or contact with
    acid, alkaline or oil) would not be qualified for the protection under the
    warranty of the Three Guarantees?

  • The proof of the Three Guarantees are
    the certification of quality and the receipt of the purchase; the period of
    the Three Guarantees starts from the date printed on the receipt until the
    specified time of the warranty; the practice of the Three Guarantees follows
    the National Law of product quality and other regulations, and the seller is
    responsible to practice the Three Guarantees for the consumers; it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or wholesaler if the poor quality problem is confirmed, the seller should ask the manufacturer or wholesaler for the compe
    nsation if this is the case.

  • All manufacturers must print this unified caring of leather shoes instruction on the back of the lid of the same box.

Instructions for caring of leather shoes

1.The wearing and storing of leather shoes should be kept clean and dry Leather shoes should not be worn on rainy days; otherwise there can be separation of threads, discoloration, and the emergence of salt-crystal appearing? For people who have sweating problems, the insoles should always be changed in order to prevent the shoes from getting wet.? If this is the case, the leather shoes should be dried under a shaded area and polished with oil.

2.Leather shoes are not suitable to be in contact with acid, alkaline, oil, and other harmful chemical solvents? It is also not suitable for the leather shoes to be placed under the sun for long periods of time or placed near the fire.

3.It salt-like particles form on the top part of the shoes, it can be cleaned with cotton balls and a little bit of warm water.? Allow the shoes to dry in a place with good air circulation and polish with oil afterwards.?

Repeat these 3 steps if the salt-like particles appear again.?

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