Monday, October 22, 2018

5 Ways to Elevate your Fashion

Stand out when you head out with our men’s fashion tips. We know the clothes to wear and the techniques to follow for a better-looking, more confident wardrobe.

Five Ways to Elevate Your Fashion
Are you tired of getting lost in the fashion crowd — or worse, standing out for all the wrong reasons? Image and first impressions are a big deal whether you’re heading to the office, the club, the beach or just cruising on the town. We want men to look good and be themselves at the same time, so our style experts have put together the five best ways for men to improve their fashion so they look and feel good.

STYLE OG has a very nice video instruction here:

1.     Own At Least One Good Suit
Every man will have at least a few times a year where they need to dress formally. A smart suit says you know how to step up your fashion game. Navy blue suits and charcoal gray suits are the two most versatile colors available, as they can both be worn for almost every occasion or function. So if you can only afford one suit, make it one of these hues. Pair it with a few matching shirts and ties that you can switch out to add some variety.

2.     Don’t Forget about the Shoes 
Both men and women pay a lot of attention to what shoes you wear. They’re what you wear the most in your wardrobe, which means they say a lot about your personality. So don’t get caught in an old raggedy pair. At a minimum, own a good pair of lace-up oxford or derby shoes for formal dress and one or two pairs of loafers and casual sneakers so you can still look good at informal events. Quality is the key here — it’s better to have three well-made pairs of shoes than 20 bargain-bin pairs. - And don't forget, every man should have a pair of elevator shoes for the special occasion or not. 

3.     Layer Your Way to Success
There’s nothing inherently wrong with a basic shirt and pants — but it’s hard for just two garments to hold people’s attention. Adding layers to your base outfit is a great way to draw interest, and it gives you ways to adjust your look during the day. Throw a blazer, sport jacket or cardigan on over your shirt and you’ve instantly given your apparel character and detail. You can also do this using accents such as hats and scarves.

4.     Upgrade Your Pants
Having a dresser full of baggy, light-colored jeans will be comfortable to wear every day. But it will also look like you never left college. Owning a few pairs of chinos or khakis, depending on how formal you want to be, will upgrade you to a more dapper look without taking away the comfort. If you can’t give up on jeans, go with dark fitted jeans that have a more mature vibe. They also pair better with dress shirts, polos and blazers.

5.     Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
As much as you might love wearing plaid shirts, sport jackets, boots or fedoras, the same look can get stale to others after a while. Variety is good when it comes to fashion, so be willing to mix it up. If you usually wear a blazer, try out a cardigan. If you always collared button-ups, see how a polo looks. Go to new clothing stores now and again to see what catches your eye. Not every look will work, but the confidence you’ll gain from branching out is invaluable.


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