Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How to Find the Perfect Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

On a wedding day, everything has to be perfect — including the shoes. We’re here to help you find the best men’s wedding shoes for grooms, groomsmen and guests.

When it’s time for you or a dear friend to tie the knot, you need everyone to look nice. That includes having great wedding shoes to show off — and not just grabbing the first pair you see in the closest or on the sneaker rack. But with so many dress shoe styles out there, how do you pick the right ones? has helped a lot of men with their footwear, and our guide to wedding shoes will help you pick the right pair every time.

There are several factors that can go into choosing men’s wedding footwear, including the season, time of day, theme and location. (Viva, Las Vegas.) But the most important one remains the dress code. No matter what other factors there are, oxfords will always look out of place on a beach, and boat sandals will never do at a black-tie affair. We’ve broken down the most popular wedding types and how you can dress your feet up for the occasion.

Black Tie Wedding Shoes
patent leather tuxedo elevator shoes x02181

This is the most formal of formal weddings, and you need the shoes to match. This calls for the highest-quality pair of black dress shoes to go with your tuxedo. We recommend black leather oxfords — preferably ones that are whole-cut from a single piece of leather, especially for the groom. These kicks are lightweight, flexible and sleek, which are everything you could ask for. Make sure to break them in and give them a good shine before the big day.

Best Shoes for Cocktail Attire & Black-Tie Optional
y4103 brown tan wingtip elevator shoes for wedding -

When you’re wearing a suit instead of a tuxedo, you have a few more footwear options. In addition to whole-cut oxfords, give
cap-toe oxfords a try at these weddings, or go with a classic wingtip brogue toe if you’re feeling classy. You can even rock shades of brown and tan as well as black if they go with the suit. These can double as work shoes, meaning they’ll be ready to roll when the weekend arrives.

Men’s Shoes for Casual Weddings

With the right semi-formal shoes, you can still look nice while you’re letting loose. Single-monk or double-monk strap shoes are perfect for this dress code, as they pair a classic oxford or brogue style with this casual buckle. Dress boots for weddings are another laid-back option. Consider them if you’re attending a ceremony with a more outdoorsy theme.

Beach Wedding Shoes

Heading to the sandy surf for a wedding? It’s time to ditch the laces and straps! Some good dress loafers or fashion loafers will go well with trousers, slacks or khakis. And you won’t have lace eyelets that can get gummed up with sand either. If it’s a truly casual tropical affair, some fisherman sandals will do the trick as well. It’s always easier to feel upbeat in comfy footwear, right?

Weddings with No Dress Code

Did the RSVP not include a dress code? Is it a spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding? In these cases, simply look at the time of day and the season. If the wedding is in the afternoon or is a summer wedding, go with beach or tropical wedding shoes such as the loafers. (Maybe skip the sandals, just in case.) For evening ceremonies that are in a cooler season or environment, dress up with cocktail attire and a good pair of oxfords.


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